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Welcome to Whole Health Vibes

We are an online Holistic Health resource with products and information to help you vibe and thrive through everyday life. Your Health is your Happiness and we want to help you achieve that!

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

Bring health and happiness into the lives of those you love by gifting them with tools and products for self care, healing, and wellness.

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The Best Muscle Rub Ever!

Treat your aches and pains with Deep Blue, an essential oil blend by doTERRA that works to decrease inflammation and pain while working on the cellular level to help heal the tissues.

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Tools for Holistic Eating and Meal Preparation

Now that the majority of us are eating at home due to the pandemic shut down, we are being re-introduced to the work involved in meal planning and prepping. Check out the Pampered Chef product page for gadgets to make meal prep simple and easy.

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A Message From Our Founder

"Whole Health Vibes was created this year, in 2020, because of Covid and needing to expand my business from massage therapy and personal one on one consultations to an online platform and marketplace for holistic health information and self care products. As a wife, mother of two, step mother of two more, a daughter to two aging parents, and a business owner I needed a place where I can utilize all of my knowledge and skills from a distance and still provide quality care for my customers both on and off the treatment table." ~Michele Dipolito (Owner/Founder)

Merging Health, Wellness, and Sustainable Living

With information and tools relating to: Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Holistic Nutrition, Healthy Recipes, Meal Prep, Gardening, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Spa Therapies, Physical Therapy, Self Care, Mental and Spiritual Wellness