Spring Clean Your Body for Ultimate Health and Wellbeing


Spring is officially here! For most of us this is a time of deep cleaning away the dust and clutter that has accumulated over the Winter months. As we think about spring cleaning our homes and our environment we should also consider cleaning our body on a holistic level. We naturally pack on more pounds when we go into hibernation mode, and the change of seasons can be stressful on our bodies with variations in temperature and barometric pressure. If we pay attention and become aware of the changes and the signals our body sends us, the transition will be much smoother. As warmer weather approaches, we naturally want to go outside and be more active. This is easier to do when we feel lighter, healthier, and less sluggish. A healthy detox plan can reset your body for the warmer months. Detoxifying and cleansing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. You don’t have to starve yourself to have healthful benefits! Below I will list a few things you can implement daily to help your body detox in a gentle way. Allowing you to possibly shed some extra pounds, but also to look and feel healthier overall. 

  • Dry skin brushing: doing this daily before bathing or showering will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate your lymphatic system.
  • Add lemon or other citrus essential oils to your water: The oils will uplift and give a boost of flavor, as well as help stimulate your body’s natural cleansing processes. (make sure they are certified pure therapeutic grade or FDA approved essential oils before ingesting) 
  • Drink herbal tea (either hot or iced) to help stay hydrated and promote healthy elimination of wastes.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Get outside and walk or work in the garden, the extra activity and fresh air will naturally help you breathe deeper and feel better.
  • Take an epsom salt bath. The high magnesium and mineral content help to draw out toxins while at the same time alleviating sore and tired muscles. 
  • Spend a few minutes each day practicing deep breathing. Not only does it lower your stress level but it also increases your body’s immune response. When you exhale your body eliminates waste that has built up in your pulmonary system. 
  • Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Add a salad to your lunch or dinner meal. The extra fiber will help assist your body with healthy elimination. 
  • Reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods. Obviously if the overall goal is to rid the body of waste and toxic build up, it will be harder to do that if we are countering it by continuing to consume the unhealthy foods that slow and weigh it down. If you absolutely have a sweet tooth that you can’t ignore then try having a little piece of dark chocolate.
  • Substitute sugar with raw local honey. Honey is a natural sweetener and cleanser that is packed full of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Finding and consuming local honey helps introduce your body to all of the plants and flowers that are blooming in your specific area, and in this way can help to ease seasonal allergies. 

If you can implement all or even just a few of these ideas to detoxify and cleanse your body on a daily basis, you will immediately be on your way to a lighter, healthier, more energized you!

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