From the founder Michele:

"Whole Health Vibes was created this year, in 2020, because of Covid and needing to expand my business from massage therapy and personal one on one consultations to an online platform and marketplace for holistic health information and self care products. As a wife, mother of two, step mother of two more, a daughter to two aging parents, and a business owner I needed a place where I can utilize all of my knowledge and skills from a distance and still provide quality care for my customers both on and off the treatment table." ~Michele Dipolito (Owner/Founder)

The vision of Whole Health Vibes is to have an online space where you can find valuable holistic health information and products that are high quality and provide the best self-care techniques and approaches to help a person thrive in their day to day life. 

Michele Dipolito, Licensed Massage Therapist, Spa Specialist, and Holistic Health Practitioner is the owner/found of Whole Health Vibes. She brings 18 years of experience and a wide knowledge base from working in the health care industry. Her training includes a Massage Therapy degree from Ashmead College in 2005 specializing in Spa therapies, a Holistic Health Practitioner certification majoring in Aromatherapy from American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2010, and an Associates degree in Medical Billing and Health Information Management from Clark College in 2017. The modalities she specializes in include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Trigger Point therapy, Gua Sha, Massage Cupping, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic medicine, and Herbal Medicine.